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Writer at St. Ambrose Press
Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, Grand Chancellor of the St. John Paul II Pontifical Institute for Marriage and Family, a Chancellor who has undermined the integrity and leadership of the Institute by his own wickedness.

In recent years, there has been a growing movement within the Church to appoint members of clergy, laity and religious leaders into roles and positions that undermine the authority of the Church’s moral position and standing in the world. The same can be said of self-identified Catholics who claim to be Catholic yet choose career paths and behaviors that undermine the integrity of the Catholic faith, the Church and the community they claim to represent. The root cause of this sin is self-interest, the notion that one is entitled to certain powers and privileges that cannot be questioned or challenged…

Bertrand Russell, an apostle of the culture of death

Over the past year and a half, we have witnessed the unraveling of our false worship of technology and science. The securities and comforts that we have taken for granted in the western world are no longer there. At present the entire scientific community, global healthcare specialists and world leaders have failed to deliver solutions to address the ongoing pandemic. As the number of deaths continue to grow across the world, the scientific community has failed to deliver any serious therapeutic to cure this virus.

At the same time, there is a deafening silence in the atheistic, scientific and enlightenment…

Wishing all our readers, a blessed season of Advent, more articles to come in the year ahead.

Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo with the Holy Father, October 3, 2019

In the coming weeks, the Holy See and the People’s Republic of China will be working towards formalizing an agreement that would allow the Communist Party to select candidates to become Bishops. In exchange, the Catholic Church in China would be granted limited freedoms to function without State interference. …

Renderings of the New Abbey, Orange County, California

Over the past twenty years, the Norbertines of St. Michael’s Abbey, Silverado, California has grown from a Monastery with a dozen monks to becoming one of the largest monastic communities in the western hemisphere. The growth of this Monastery can be attributed to a renewal in religious life thanks to the reform efforts undertaken by sincere priests, religious, bishops and the faithful who have restored the integrity of religious life and the Catholic faith. …

Over the past four decades, the digital world and the digital economy has taken over our lives and has sold us false promises of a utopia, a perfect future, a grand vision of tomorrow. A vision that is more of a pipe dream and a distraction that divorces us from reality.

Steve Jobs a visionary in popular culture, a ruthless man in reality

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to re-examine our relationship with technology and science, taking into consideration the fact that the world has no serious plan of action to effectively remedy us of this virus.

The digital economy has accelerated globalization thanks to the emergence of technology conglomerates…

Reflections on Freedom and the Natural Law in times of fear and disillusionment

Sir Winston Churchill, December 30, 1941, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Over the past several weeks the ongoing pandemic has led to the closure of numerous places of worship and institutions that are vital for human flourishing such as schools, colleges and public gathering places. This lockdown has also being extended to various forms of sports and entertainment where sporting competitions, the Olympics and domestic sports leagues around the world have been put on hold indefinitely over the past several weeks.

As the crisis continues to deteriorate around the world and we question whether the global health and…

David by Michelangelo

In recent years, the popularity of books such as the Theology of the Body by St. John Paul II, Wild at Heart and Fathered by God by John Eldridge, talks and podcasts concerning gender identity by Dr. Jordan Peterson, symbolizes a longing and a hunger to learn what it means to be a man or a woman in the world today.

This loss of identity is rooted in a culture of moral relativism where the very notion of absolutes is non existent. There are many sociological and psychological reasons for this, the breakdown of the family, divorce and broken homes…

J.M.W Turner: Fishing Boat

The main purpose of the arts is to elevate our human condition, to console us in suffering and to direct us to heaven. Today, in a culture that constantly pushes us to be ever more efficient and productive, we forget to take a step back, slow down and contemplate our existence. To counter this culture of industriousness and commerce, an explosion of new wellness programs, mindfulness yoga retreats and beach vacations with no smart phone policies is a reflection of a reality where the commercial culture seeks to commercialize ‘wellness’ and ‘mindfulness’.

Yet, there is an alternative to these commercial…

The Cathedral began construction in 1160 and has survived the French Revolution, World War I, World War II, potential terrorist attacks and is now facing a new battle with the French State.

This month marks the one year anniversary of a great fire that devastated the great Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris. Damaging and destroying a symbol of French Catholicism and its priceless treasures. With the Cathedral still standing immense structural damages and restoration works must be undertaken in order to restore the glory and dignity of this great Cathedral and preserve a symbol of Western Catholicism for generations to come.

Yet, efforts to restore this Cathedral to its original glory have had to face the ignorance and barbaric passions of our age whose interests are to undermine and destroy the…

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